Qwstion Minimal Collection made from super-sustainable Bananatex®

Minimum consumption of resources + maximum efficiency = maximum sustainability

This simple formula illustrates in a simple way Qwstion's development approach of Bananatex®. Take an existing natural ecosystem in the Philippines in which the Acabá Banana plant grows - which, by the way, does not require the addition of pesticides due to its resistance - and makes use of its outstanding properties. The Acabá grows back very quickly, has extremely strong fibers, requires little attention in cultivation and is therefore also used to reforest eroded areas in former rainforest areas in the Philippines.

The stalk is cut off (it grows again completely within just one year) and the actual fiber extraction takes place manually with a Stripping Knife. At the end of the chain is a completely biodegradable substance - Bananatex®. Shop Bananatex® bags here.

The new Zip pack and the new color Gravel

On the occasion of the release of the new Minimal collection, the new Zip Pack comes onto the market. This is designed as an everyday rucksack and accordingly has a similar volume to the already known one Day pack. Regardless of whether it is a compact backpack or a classic bag - the zip pack can be used in many ways, which is made possible by the modular handle and the adjustable backpack straps.



The well-known Roll Pack is now also available in gravel



Last but not least, there is also the tried and tested Hip pouch now new in gravel