Qwstion Graphite Leather Office Collection

… Introducing the Office Pack

Embedded in the Graphite Leather Collection is its centerpiece - the Office Pack.

Qwstion´s latest development is the smallest and slimmest of all Qwstion office bags. As always, we have the bags available in the store or online


The Office Pack is Qwstion's answer to the ever smaller end devices and the associated space savings. The front is made entirely of vegetable-tanned black leather. The well-known 1-for-2 belt system enables it to be used as a backpack or shoulder bag.

… Updating the classics

In the course of the increasingly softening boundary between work and leisure, Qwstion cannot be asked twice and gives her office bags a functional update. Daypack, Simple Office & Office Bag now come with padded EVA inner compartments and are made entirely from 100% organic cotton canvas ...

Another quick email to your favorite barista?

Thoughts after work beer?

The Office Collection works on both levels!