RePack - Optional shipping with reusable packaging

"End of trash" and "wrapped for good"

We are proud to have finally found a really sustainable packaging for our online customers.

Tired of piles of packaging waste after your online shopping has been delivered?

Would you like to take part in a great and sustainable movement and even benefit from it in the end?

If so, then is RePack the solution. Simply fold it up after receiving the goods RePack drop in any mailbox in the world. The postage for this has already been paid. And off you go for recycling!

Reduced thanks to this sustainable cycle RePack CO2 emissions by 80%. The packaging is made from recycled materials. The returns are processed by workshops for the disabled in order to be discharged into the next round of the cycle.

How does it work in our online shop?

Simply choose the 3, - EUR option for RePack select or deselect ... done.

Wait ... what! 3, -Euro extra should that cost ??? Sustainability has its price, but the customer will also benefit from it, as he receives a EUR 10 voucher, which he can use with everyone RePack used online shops can redeem. A clear win-win!

Below is the RePack-Cycle for illustration: