Bellroy Coin Fold

Color: Black

The clear wallet with a smart coin compartment

The clever coin compartment construction saves you the annoying rummaging around - the coins are simply poured out. Overall, the Coin Fold only consists of 3 layers of leather in order to stay slim!

For 3–8+ cards

115mm x 90mm

Coin compartment and a compartment for unfolded banknotes

Snap closure with flap

SIM card slot

Ecologically certified premium leather

3 year guarantee

Slim your wallet - Bellroy's credo hits the nerve and stands for clever and well thought-out purses, but also bags and work utensils. Bellroy has been thrilling since 2010, composed of the well-known surf spot Bell´s Beach and the Melbourne creative suburb of Fitzroy, his customers. Excellent product design and smart entrepreneurship are gaining more and more fans for the brand.

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