Bellroy Sling Basalt


The Sling all-purpose bag made from recycled materials and an antimicrobial HeiQ V-Block coating

Wear it over your back when cycling, and when you need something out of the sling, all you have to do is pull it forward. Or leave it right in front while walking.

The basalt collection offers a special feature:

All products in this collection are treated with antimicrobial protection - the HeiQ V-Block ™ technology from Switzerland. This offers effective protection for textiles against contamination by microbes. Further information is available on the Manufacturer's website.

Also Note sleeve, Coin wallet and Hide & Seek are available from us as part of the Basalt collection!

Do you need more space than your trouser or jacket pockets give?

A hip bag is still too small or too impractical?

The Bellroy Sling is the answer:

Front pocket with key clip

Main compartment with lined inside pocket for your sunglasses

Strap with a practical magnetic fastener

Expandable gusset that closes by itself

Padded back for extra comfort

Soft nylon webbing straps

3 year guarantee

Slim your wallet - Bellroy's credo hits the nerve and stands for clever and well thought-out purses, but also bags and work utensils. Bellroy has been thrilling since 2010, composed of the well-known surf spot Bell´s Beach and the Melbourne creative suburb of Fitzroy, his customers. Excellent product design and smart entrepreneurship are gaining more and more fans for the brand.

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