Béton Ciré

Béton Ciré Miki Dark Navy Moleskin


Béton Ciré - waxed concrete

Does traditional coastal clothing work in an urban-fashionable context? The answer to this question is reflected in the brand name. The result is a great product that we sell to our customers across generations - sometimes fashionably, sometimes conservatively interpreted.

The foundress used her grandfather's headgear, a miki, as a source of inspiration.

The Miki is a traditional fisherman's hat from Brittany. The interface between cap and beanie. Without an umbrella, so that the wind doesn't blow it away. The ears remain uncovered in order to be able to listen attentively to the waves of the big city.

Made in France by “real” hat makers.

Made of 100% cotton

Any size can be adjusted using the leather Velcro fastener (90% of all heads here are size S / M !!!)

Timeless & unisex

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