Hestra "Elisabeth" Dark Red

€69 €80

Elisabeth makes you shine!

Classic ladies' glove made of hair sheep leather with wool lining. Hairsheep leather is pleasantly soft and has an elegant sheen.

The leather gloves should be rather tight at the beginning, as they widen in a comfortable way after a short time!

With this model, it makes sense to choose the next half size

Size guide: Measure the circumference of the palm of the metacarpal (just above the thumb) with a tape measure or, if necessary, use a string so that you can then determine the length using a ruler. Below is the Hestra size chart for reading:

Hestra - gloves since 1936

The family-run company has been delighting its customers with high-quality gloves for over 80 years - be it in an alpine or fashionable context. Now in the 3rd and 4th generation, the Magnusson family has the only two glove cutters still active in all of Scandinavia.

The headquarters are in the Swedish city of Hestra, where all design and development work takes place. Production takes place exclusively in our own factories, with the entire purchase of the materials required for production, such as leather and woolen fabrics, also being carried out by Hestra. This guarantees control over the production chain.

Whether deer, elk or lamb leather - Hestra Gloves scores with timeless designs and great quality. We carry men's and women's gloves.

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