Orbitkey Desk Mat Black Medium


For a clean, well-organized & optimized workplace

The Desk Mat works on 2 levels.

The keyboard or laptop is on top, and the Tool bar  Space for pens, keys and other small items. The magnetic one Cable holder lets you always find your cables immediately - a great feature!

The lower level is designed in such a way that all the loose leaves that accumulate during the day can be temporarily removed while keeping everything in view.

The easily wipeable surface is made of vegan leather. Underneath is a felt made of recycled PET, which muffles the keyboard noises.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat - like many Orbitkey products - got off to a very successful start on Kickstarter thanks to crowdfunding:

$ 515,567 from 5,618 backers in 36 days ... that says it all!

680mm x 370mm (3 A4 sheets side by side)

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